Residence: Greendale
Breed: Tuxedo Bicolour Cat
Owners: Pat Clifton and Sara Clifton

Jess is Postman Pat's cat who always comes with him on his post rounds.


Jess has been owned by Pat since he was a kitten. He is good natured, but sometimes runs away or gets into trouble. Pat is always happy to have Jess come with him on his rounds, as it makes for good company.


Jess is a lively black and white cat, who knows when to be awake and when to be asleep. When he is awake often, he has very adventurous nature and will often leave the van when Pat's back is turned to chase birds out of trees. Lately, Jess has shown that he also has a rather heroic streak and will often climb up to high places and into narrow spaces where humans can't go to retrieve things.

Jess can be a little bit of a mischeivious scamp, but for Pat, life would not be the same without him. Jess can also be very intelligent and sometimes, Pat thinks that maybe Jess is actually the brains of the outfit.


Jess has appeared with Pat in every episode of Postman Pat except for Postman Pat in a Muddle.

He also is the star of his own spin-show, "Guess with Jess", where he has the ability to speak.

Jess was also one of the many characters who featured in Postman Pat the Movie.



  • "Postman Pat in a Muddle" is the only episode Jess does not feature in.
  • In the Woodland episodes, Jess' meowing sounds were just recordings of proper cats, but in the later episodes, his vocals have been provided by a voice artist.
  • Ever since the episodes were animated by Cosgrove Hall, Jess has worn a little red collar.
  • In "Guess with Jess", Jess has a little bell on his collar and he has the ability to talk.