Naughty Pumpkin
Air Date 10th October 2008
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Naughty Pumpkin is the tenth episode of Postman Pat Season 6. It was first broadcast on Friday 10th October, 2008 and written by Gillian Corderoy.


Lauren, Lizzy and Amy are going to give Ben a big surprise.



  • PAT 1
  • PAT 2
  • PAT 3
  • PAT 4
  • VET 1
  • SCHOOL 1
  • SYLVIA 1
  • The Pencaster Flyer


  • Greendale
  • Pat's House
  • Post Office
  • Greendale Station
  • The Vets
  • Ted's Workshop
  • Ted's Mill
  • The Church
  • The Green
  • Greendale Primary School
  • Pencaster
  • Sorting Office
  • The Market
  • The Town Hall
  • The Harbour
  • Pencaster Station
  • Ted's Garage
  • River Penn


  • Lewis MacLeod as Pat and Ben
  • Melissa Sinden as Jess and Bonnie
  • Carol Boyd as Sara, Mrs. Goggins, Dorothy and Doctor Gilbertson
  • Janet James as Julian and Lauren
  • Angela Griffin as Lizzy and Amy
  • Ken Barrie as Ted, the Reverend and P.C. Selby
  • Kulvinder Ghir as Bill and Ajay
  • Archie Panjabi as Nisha and Meera


  • Frequently used stock footage from seasons 3 - 5 is used.
  • This is the first time Pumpkin's trailer has been towed by another vehicle.
  • The dough used to make the biscuits is actually yellow plasticine.
  • The "Stop That Pony" song features in this episode.


  • When Pat turns the corner towards the sorting office, he is driving PAT 4, even though it is PAT 1 which is towing Pumpkin's horse box for the majority of the episode.
  • A spare PAT 1 number plate should have been added to the back of Pumpkin's trailer when Pat was driving it to the sorting office.
  • Biscuits may get bigger as they cook but they cannot change shape.
  • Sarah Gilbertson is accidentally shown riding in the bus instead of Sara Clifton.
  • P.C. says he does not want to give Pat a parking ticket, yet he makes him park his van and the horse box in a spot which blocks any entrance and exit of three houses and he says nothing about Pat driving a vehicle with two number plates.