This article is about the 1988 VHS release containing four episodes from Season 1. For the 2000 release containing six episodes from Season 2, see Postman Pat's Big Video! (2000).
Postman Pat's Big Video is a VHS release of Postman Pat. It was first released by BBC Video on the 7th of November 1988 and then rereleased in 1999 on Postman Pat - More Adventures From Pat And His Friends.


Trivia Edit

  • The video was originally released as a St. Michael (Now Marks And Spencer) exclusive in 1986 before being given a nationwide release two years later.
  • This is the only Postman Pat video to feature the 1988-1991 BBC Video ident.
  • The video cover of Postman Pat's Big Video got new packaging for a re-released edition in 1992.
  • The video tape of Postman Pat's Big Video got re-packaged in 1992 with the BBC Video 1991-1997 Ident, a BBC Video slide with four other Postman Pat titles that are also available, a new title card for "Postman Pat's Big Video" (with a silent scene of Pat collecting a letter, closing the letterbox and walking into his van from the show's opening titles) and different footage for the episodes (with title logos at the start of each episode) on that video.
  • The video was re-released in 1998 and sold exclusively by St. Michael Plc (Now Marks And Spencer) which was distributed under license by BBC Worldwide.