Postman Pat's Thirsty Day
Air Date 28th October 1981 (UK)
18th June 1991 (Australia)
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 Postman Pat's Thirsty Day is the seventh episode of the first series which was first broadcast on 28th October 1981. It was entirely written by John Cunliffe and narrated by Ken Barrie.

Summary Edit

Greendale has not had any rain for weeks, and its a very hot day today, and the water supply has had to be turned off. When Pat arrives at the Post Office, Mrs. Goggins gives him some lemonade to quench his thirst.

Later Granny Dryden shows Pat an old water pump in the village. Can Ted fix it in order to get a water supply working?


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Trivia Edit

  • Ted Glen's Handyman song features in this episode.
  • One of the pictures on the wall at Granny Dryden's cottage is a selection of "Rain, Steam and Speed" painted by J. M. W. Turner in 1844.
  • The music played when Pat delivers the letters around the village is the instrumental to the Mobile Shop song.
  • The scene of Pat's hat falling into the well was later referenced in Postman Pat's 123. 


  • When Pat arrives at Thompson Ground, he just leaves his van door wide open and then goes into the farm house, closing the front door behind. Of all the places to leave the van door open, a farm is not the best place, any one of the animals could have got in and caused problems.
  • In real life, the pump would not have a mind of its own to pour water on Jess' head.
  • During the long shots when Pat is driving through the countryside and the village, he is not wearing his hat and glasses and Jess is not there next to him.
  • No splash is heard when Pat's hat falls down the well.