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Welcome to Postman Pat Wiki, where you can get the latest news and information of the UK's favourite postman as well as spin-off's of the series.

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  • John Cunliffe, the creator of Postman Pat, the man who's creation made this website possible has died.

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To put a stop laziness on this site, all articles just containing "Coming Soon" or "TBA" (description) will be removed no matter how true they are. If users have plenty of time and information to put into a new article they should use it to prove their potential, otherwise there is no point in their being here.


I reccomend that you watch "Postman Pat 2 on 1" VHS. I have this VHS and enjoy it. However, because of the decline of VHSs, it is rare and extremely hard to find at stores. Try to find it in your library,, or

Postman Pat 2 on 1