Postman Pat and the Ice Ladder
Air Date 12th October 2004
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Postman Pat and the Ice Ladder is the twenty-fourth episode of Postman Pat Season 3. It was written by Anna Cummingham, based on a story by John Cunliffe.


The children are having fun sledging in the snow. Then disaster strikes when Katy and Tom get stuck on a frozen pond and Pat has to use Alf's new ladder to rescue the twins.




  • Pat's House
  • Post Office
  • Thompson Ground
  • Greendale Station
  • Ted's Workshop
  • Greendale Primary School
  • The Church
  • Garner Hall


  • Ken Barrie as Pat, Ted, Alf and Mr. Pringle
  • Melissa Sinden as Jess
  • Carole Boyd as Sara Clifton, Dorothy, Mrs. Pottage, Sarah Gilbertson and Charlie
  • Janet James as Julian and Lucy
  • Kulvinder Ghir as Bill, Tom and Ajay
  • Archie Panjabi as Katy, Nisha and Meera


  • The blankets of snow are really cotton wool.
  • The two teapots in Pat's kitchen used to be stage props from "Noddy's Toyland Adventures" which is also a children's programme made by Cosgrove Hall for the BBC.


  • When Pat wakes up at the beginning, he has no eyebrows.
  • At Pat's house the clock reads 7.55, but when Pat arrives at the post office, the clock there shows 7.30.
  • When the children wave to Pat, their lip sync is out of place.
  • When Pat takes the ladder off his van to rescue the twins, the van's bonet is twitching and the number plate is coming off.
  • At various points during the episode, Alf has no eyebrows.
  • When Ted says "Look out bellow", he has Pat's voice.