Postman Pat and the Magic Lamp
Air Date 22nd March 2006
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Postman Pat and the Magic Lamp is the eighteenth episode of Postman Pat Season 4. It was written by George Tarry.


Charlie, Katy and Tom find a lamp and thinking it might be magic, they set out to find out if wishes do come true.


Vehicles Edit


  • Pat's House
  • Post Office
  • Greendale Farm
  • Ted's Mill
  • Ted's Workshop
  • Greendale Station
  • The Church
  • Garner Hall
  • Greendale School
  • River Penn



  • Pat says "Cheerio." without moving his lips.
  • At the mill, the pupils of Katy and Tom's eyes are smaller.
  • Tom wishes something funny would happen, but they only find funny the bucket being stuck on Ted's foot and not his head.
  • When Tom wishes for Pat to be back at the mill, the close-up of Pat shows that he is nowhere near.
  • When Pat says that lamps only grant wishes in stories, he makes a very unusual mouth shape that does not main any particular syllable.