Ted's Lorry
is Ted Glen's transportation. He uses it to transport various building materials around Greendale and Pencaster.

Several times Ted has left it unattended and no one has known what to do with it. Once it caused a traffic jam outside the post office and no one could get through until he came back and moved it. Another time, when Ted went away to Scotland, he left it by itself in the middle of the village, the villagers had to cover it up and turn it into a small garden to help them win the best village competition. No one told Ted of this when he returned and it was while before he found the lorry again.

When Pat's van once broke down. Pat had to ride on the back of Ted's lorry on his way to pick up the post bus. Pat would have sat in the front with Ted and Jess, but Ted did not want him to distract him with his tuba playing. So Pat sat at the back of the lorry and scared the passers-by instead.


  • It came third place in the Great Greendale Race.
  • Its registration is KJL 678.
  • It appears to be based on a Morris LG commercial drop-side pickup truck