The Sheep in the Clover Field
Air Date 14th October 1981 (UK)
14th June 1991 (Australia)
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The Sheep in the Clover Field is the fifth episode of Postman Pat's first series which was first broadcast on 14th October 1981. It is entirely written by John Cunliffe and narrated by Ken Barrie.

Summary Edit

It is a cloudy morning, but the sun brightens up, and Pat is having a late day after his van gets stuck in the mud, when he is forced to stop because of Sam Waldron's van. Peter Fogg soon comes along in his red tractor to pull Pat out. When he arrives at the Post Office, Mrs Goggins shows him a newspaper article about Major Forbes' bull.

Later Ted stops Pat and they have to get some sheep out of a field filled with clovers. Pat and Ted get chased by a bull and Ted thinks he's broken his ankle so Pat goes to fetch Dr Gilbertson from the village, then Dr Gilbertson bandages Ted's ankle, then Pat takes Dr Gilbertson and Ted home.


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Trivia Edit

  • The Farmer's Song is played in this episode.
  • This marks the Official Introduction of Doctor Gilbertson.
  • The scene of Pat waiting for Peter to come and tow him out of the mud was later referenced and shown in Postman Pat's ABC. The only difference was that Tom Pottage was not present in the original verison, which he was in the drawn animation version. 

Goofs Edit

  • The sound goes fuzzy when Pat says "No and I don't think I want to either." and when Mrs Goggins says "There's a letter for the Major, so you might meet the bull."
  • Sam would never have been able to get into his van to drive away for help, as his door is too close to Pat's van and he would not have been able to open it.
  • If Pat would squeeze his van past Sam's, there would not be enough space for Pat to avoid breaking off one of either his or Sam's wing-mirrors.
  • The sheep have twig legs.
  • When Pat stops to ask Sam to deliver Mrs Atkinson's letters, he is parked further forward from Sam's van, but when Pat's van gets stuck in the mud, it is positioned further back alongside Sam's.
  • In a long shot of Pat driving out of the village after picking up Doctor Gilbertson, the Doctor and Jess are not sitting next to him.
  • During the long shots of Pat driving through the valley, he is not wearing his hat and glasses and Jess is not sitting next to him.